GAPPT Committees

The GAPPT continues to grow due to the participation of its members... Members like you!  If you are interested in serving on a Standing Committee, please contact the Chairperson below or Sue Reynolds, GAPPT Executive Director, at [email protected].

Affiliate Committee

Chairperson: Peggy Taylor

The Affiliate Committee is responsible for supporting the mission of the GAPPT and its educational initiatives through the input of ideas and resources. (This committee is open to Affiliates only, and all Affiliate members are automatically included.)  Learn more about the Affiliate Committee's responsibilities.

Audit Committee

Chairperson: Patina Brown

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing and determining that the financial affairs of the association are in order. Learn more about the Audit Committee's responsibilities.

Communications Committee

Chairperson: Michaela Thompson

The Communications Committee is responsible for communications with membership via the quarterly newsletter, as well as information placed on the association's website. Learn more about the Communication Committee's responsibilities.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Harold Grindle

The Finance Committee is responsible for reporting the financial condition of the association to the Executive Board and the membership. The association's treasurer serves as the chair of the Finance Committee. Learn more about the Finance Committee's responsibilities.

Government Affairs Committee

Chairperson: Morgan Wurst

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for maintaining a liaison with the Georgia General Assembly and informing the membership of important legislative and legal developments. Learn more about the Government Affairs Committee's responsibilities.

Membership Committee

Chairperson: Chris Reynolds

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members. Learn more about the Membership Committee's responsibilities.

Program Committee

Chairperson: Jonathan Davidson

The Program Committee is responsible for establishing educational and developmental programs for GAPPT members. Learn more about the Program Committee's responsibilities.

Current Program Committee Members:

  • Eric Atwater (Aon)
  • Lisa Calhoun (Valor Ventures)
  • Jonathan Davidson (Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check) - Program Committee Chair
  • Grant Duncan (Brandes Investment Partners)
  • Davy Godfrey (City of Marietta)
  • Tom Harris (City of Alpharetta)
  • Amy Heyel (AndCo Consulting)
  • John Krimmel (NEPC)
  • Jim Meynard (WP Global / Past GAPPT President)
  • Bob Milie (City of Savannah)
  • Tim Milligan (Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund)
  • Angela Nixon (Benefits Law Group)
  • Fran Peters (HarbourVest)
  • Harold Small (FiduciaryVest)
  • Brian Smith (Callan)
  • Kathy Solley (Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough)
  • Andrew Stephens (Fulton County Employees Retirement System)
  • Peggy Taylor (Atlanta Capital Management)
  • Mike Thistleton (Victory Capital Management)
  • Tracy Wells-Ransom (Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund)
  • Valentine Whittaker (Adveq Schroder)
  • Morgan Wurst (Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund)

Rules Committee

Chairperson: Tracy Wells-Ransom

The Rules Committee is responsible for recommending issues of governance for the Board of Directors and the Association. The vice president serves as chair of the Rules Committee. Learn more about the Rules Committee's responsibilities.