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Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees

Now in its tenth year, the GAPPT exists to promote education for Georgia's Public Pension Trustees. Members have the opportunity to meet peers from around the state at both our Annual Conference and Trustee School. GAPPT educational events promote discussion of topics pertinent to the current economic climate and provide Trustees the information and tools to better serve their constituents. If you are a current member of the Association, please continue to check the website periodically to see what is new. If you are interested in joining the GAPPT, we hope to see your name on our rosters soon.

How Have Pension Cuts Affected Public Sector Competitiveness?

Recently, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence focused on retirement plan objectives as they relate to workforce development. This brief explores the effects of pension reform on state and local government competitiveness in the labor market.

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Retirement in America: Out of Reach for Working Americans?

A recent report from the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) finds that the retirement savings levels of working age Americans remain deeply inadequate despite economic recovery. An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data finds that overall, four out of five working Americans have less than one year’s income saved in retirement accounts.

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