2019 Election for Affiliate Vice Chair

The Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees greatly appreciates the active participation of its membership, especially those who commit their time and talents to the organization. Since the GAPPT's inception in 2009, Affiliate members have played an integral role in the Association's growth... And their continued representation is vital to its future success.

GAPPT Affiliate members are responsible for nominating and electing their leadership. The 2019 Affiliate Vice Chair election process closed on March 8, 2019 at 5:00pm.

The newly elected Affiliate Vice Chair will serve a one year term under the current Affiliate Chair, Peggy Taylor. In March of 2020, the Vice Chair will assume the Affiliate Chair position for a term of two years. (A new Vice Chair will be elected in March of 2021.) Learn more about the Affiliate Chair's role and responsibilities HERE.

If you have any additional questions about the Vice Chair position or the election process, please contact the GAPPT Affiliate Chair, Peggy Taylor, or Sue Reynolds

The following member has accepted his nomination for the position of Affiliate Vice Chair: 

A. Avila Photo

Amed A. Avila, CPPT
Managing Director
Fiduciary Trust

Amed has over 15 years of securities industry experience. He has in-depth experience managing custodial relationships for individual, trust & estates, corporations, IRAs, Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's), and municipalities' public pension plans.  He joined Franklin Templeton Investments, parent company of Fiduciary Trust, in 2005 and has been part of the Fiduciary Trust team since 2007.  Prior to that, Mr. Avila was a relationship account manager at Peachtree Settlement Funding for five years.  He earned a  B.S. in international business with a concentration in finance from Florida Atlantic University and an M.B.A in finance from Nova Southeastern University. Mr. Avila also earned his Certified Public Pension Trustee (CPPT) designation from the Florida Public Pensions Trustee Association (FPPTA) and Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees (GAPPT), of which he is a member. He also currently sits on the executive board of the Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development (BAND), a non-profit organization that advocates for affordable housing and community economic development in Broward County where he serves as Treasurer.

Please note only Affiliate members in good standing are eligible to vote. 2019 election results will be published on the website on March 15, 2019.